Ninety one species of dragonflies and damselflies (collectively called odonata) have been recorded in the Waterberg to date and they constitute a little over half of the species recorded in South Africa. These are listed below and a spreadsheet of this list can be downloaded here. Species that have been photographed in the Waterberg are marked by and one can view the photographs of these by clicking on the species name. There are five that are red-listed nationally (but not globally) and these are highlighted inred. None of the Waterberg species are endemic to the region, nor indeed to South Africa, and most have ranges that extend widely across the African savanna belt. At a regional level, though, the Waterberg probably provides the major South African stronghold for all five red-listed species. For each species a brief comment on its relative abundance and preferred habitat in the Waterberg is given, and one can read more about the Waterberg species in a recent report that can be downloaded here.

Dragonflies and damselflies are conspicuous and charismatic aquatic insects that are often abundant along many of the Waterberg's rivers. They provide useful indicators of the state of health of our rivers and a protocol for using odonata as such an index has been established. They are primarily summer creatures though, the flying adults emerging in the early part of summer, courting mates and breeding through the summer and then dying off or, in a few species, migrating away in winter. During the cold winter months they survive underwater as the larvae that provide the next summer's cohort of adults.

Reference: Tarboton, W.R. & Tarboton, M. 2019. A guide to the dragonflies and damselflies of South Africa. Struik Nature: Cape Town
Samways, M.J. & Simaika, J.P. 2016. Manual of freshwater assessment or South Africa: Dragonfly biotic index. Suricata 2.

List of Dragonflies of the Waterberg
DEMOISELLES Calopterygidae Phaon iridipennis  Glistening Demoiselle Glinsterjuffertjie

JEWELS Chlorocyphidae Platycypha caligata  Dancing Jewel Dansende Juweeltjie

SPREADWINGS Lestidae Lestes dissimulans  Cryptic Spreadwing Kriptiese Spanvlerkie
Lestes pallidus  Pallid Spreadwing Bleekspanvlerkie
Lestes plagiatus  Highland Spreadwing Gewone Spanvlerkie
Lestes tridens  Spotted Spreadwing Gevlekte Spanvlerkie
Lestes virgatus  Smoky Spreadwing Rookspanvlerkie
THREADTAILS, RIVERJACKS Platycnemididae Elattoneura glauca  Common Threadtail Gewone Draadstertjie
Mesocnemis singularis  Savanna Riverjack Vlakterivierjuffer
CITRILS, SPRITES, etc Coenagrionidae Africallagma glaucum  Swamp Bluet Vleibloutjie
Agriocnemis falcifera  White-masked Wisp Witmaskersoetjie
Agriocnemis pinheyi  Pinhey’s Wisp Pinheyse Soetjie
Azuragrion nigridorsum  Sailing Bluet Swartstertbloutjie
Ceriagrion glabrum  Common Citril Gewone Aljander
Ischnura senegalensis  Tropical Bluetail Hemelstertjie
Pseudagrion assegaii  Assegai Sprite Assegaigesie
Pseudagrion coeleste  Catshead Sprite Broodruggesie
Pseudagrion hageni   Painted Sprite Blanketselgesie
Pseudagrion hamoni   Swarthy Sprite Donkergesie
Pseudagrion kersteni  Powder-faced Sprite Poeiergesiggie
Pseudagrion makabusiense  Makabusi Sprite Makabusigesie
Pseudagrion massaicum  Masai Sprite Masaigesie
Pseudagrion salisburyense  Slate Sprite Leiblougesie
Pseudagrion sjoestedti  Variable Sprite Verneukertjie
Pseudagrion sublacteum  Cherry-eye Sprite Kersie-oog Gesie
Pseudagrion sudanicum  Blue-sided Sprite Blousygesie
EMPERORS, HAWKERS Aeshnidae   Anaciaeschna triangulifera  Evening Hawker Nagventer
  Anax ephippiger  Vagrant Emperor Blourugkeiser
Anax imperator  Blue Emperor Blou Keiser
Anax speratus  Orange Emperor Oranje Keiser
Anax tristis  Black Emperor Swart Keiser
  Pinheyschna subpupillata  Stream Hawker Spruitjieventer
CLUBTAILS Gomphidae Ceratogomphus pictus  Common Thorntail Gewone Doringstert
Crenigomphus hartmanni  Clubbed Talontail Knoppiekloustert
Gomphidia quarrei  Southern Fingertail Suidelike Streepstert
Ictinogomphus ferox  Common Tigertail Gewone Streepstert
Lestinogomphus angustus  Spined Fairytail Gewone TowerfeĆ«
Onychogomphus supinus  Lined Claspertail Knypstert
Paragomphus cognatus  Rock Hooktail Kliphakiestert
Paragomphus elpidius  Corkscrew Hooktail Slingerhakiestert
Paragomphus genei  Common Hooktail Gewone Hakiestert
CRUISERS Macromiidae Phyllomacromia contumax  Two-banded Cruiser Dubbelbandswalker
  Phyllomacromia picta  Darting Cruiser Pyltjieswalker
SKIMMERS, DROPWINGS, etc Libellulidae Acisoma inflatum  Stout Pintail Dik Pylstertjie
  Acisoma variegatum  Slender Pintail Dun Pylstertjie
  Brachythemis lacustris  Red Groundling Rooi Grondwagtertjie
Brachythemis leucosticta  Banded Groundling Gebande Grondwagtertjie
Bradinopyga cornuta  Horned Rockdweller Wegkruipertjie
  Crocothemis divisa  Rock Scarlet Rotsblosie
Crocothemis erythraea  Broad Scarlet BreĆ« Blosie
Crocothemis sanguinolenta  Little Scarlet Klein Blosie
Diplacodes lefebvrii  Black Percher Swartsittertjie
Diplacodes luminans Barbet Percher Baardmannetjie
Diplacodes pumila  Dwarf Percher Dwergsittertjie
  Hemistigma albipunctum  African Piedspot Bontkolletjie
Nesciothemis farinosa  Eastern Blacktail Swartstertskepper
Olpogastra lugubris  Bottletail Lenige Bottelstert
Orthetrum abbotti  Little Skimmer Klein Skepper
Orthetrum brachiale  Banded Skimmer Gebande Skepper
  Orthetrum caffrum  Two-striped Skimmer Strepieskepper
Orthetrum chrysostigma  Epaulet Skimmer Epouletskepper
Orthetrum guineense  Guinea Skimmer Guinease Skepper
Orthetrum hintzi  Dark-shouldered Skimmer Donkerskofskepper
Orthetrum icteromelas  Spectacled Skimmer Brilskepper
Orthetrum julia falsum  Julia Skimmer Juliase Skepper
Orthetrum machadoi  Highland Skimmer Hooglandse Skepper
Orthetrum monardi  Woodland Skimmer Bosskepper
  Orthetrum stemmale  Bold Skimmer Koenieskepper
Orthetrum trinacria  Long Skimmer Gestrekte Skepper
Palpopleura deceptor  Deceptive Widow Valse Weetjie
Palpopleura jucunda  Yellow-veined Widow Geelaarweetjie
Palpopleura lucia  Lucia Widow Luciase Weetjie
Palpopleura portia  Portia Widow Portiase Weetjie
Pantala flavescens Pantala Narbroekie
Rhyothemis semihyalina  Phantom Flutterer Fladdergesie
Sympetrum fonscolombii Nomad Swerwertjie
Tetrathemis polleni  Black-splashed Elf Swartspikkeldwergie
Trithemis aconita  Halfshade Dropwing Skaduvalvlerkie
Trithemis annulata  Violet Dropwing Purper Valvlerkie
Trithemis arteriosa  Red-veined Dropwing Rooinerfie
Trithemis donaldsoni  Denim Dropwing Denim Valvlerkie  
Trithemis furva  Navy Dropwing Blou Valvlerkie
  Trithemis hecate  Silhouette Dropwing Skraal Valvlerkie
Trithemis kirbyi  Orange-winged Dropwing Oranjevlerk-valvlerkie
Trithemis pluvialis  Russet Dropwing Rosbruinvalvlerkie
Trithemis stictica  Jaunty Dropwing Vrolike Valvlerkie
  Tholymis tillarga Twister Vlegtertjie
Tramea basilaris  Keyhole Glider Loerswewer
  Tramea limbata Ferruginous Glider  Enkelbandswewer
Urothemis assignata  Red Basker Rooi Sonvangertjie
Urothemis edwardsii  Blue Basker Blou Sonvangertjie
Zygonyx natalensis  Blue Cascader Blou Klatertjie
Zygonyx torridus  Ringed Cascader Kringklatertjie
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